Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Views on The Old Man and the Sea.
In The  Old  Man and the Sea tells the story of Santiago, an  old fisherman who face most difficult fight of his life against the marlin, here marlin is the symbol of old man’s pride he wants to change his BAD LUCK through his skills and abilities or his knowledge of sea . In the story Santiago suffers a lot, He   face the critical condition of his life. Through this fight as a reader we find two type of conflict. One is conflict with fish and other is conflict within himself.
            1) Inner conflict
    2)  Physical conflict
                       This old man is very hopeful and that’s way he see DREAMING about the lion, it recalls  his Youth days, in his old age he also wants to do something honorable and for this reason he wants to catch Marlin not sharks. He sees lion in the evening, may be evening refers to his old age and lion is symbol of his YOUNG PRIDE   In this story we find contrast of two stages of HUMAN LIFE  ,in old man character  we find  his youthful perspective on life. He also shows great concern for the quality of his work and action. His old age is symbol of virility and intellectual knowledge.
                        From point of views   Hemingway’s Story of Santiago’s also refers to Writer himself it is also author’s way of thinking through the moral and rational problems of his life.