Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Type of Women
 Winsome: charmingly or shyly pleasing
 Virago: a sharp tongued scold
 Hoyden: a tomboy
 Prim donna: a temperamental woman
 Coquette: a flirt
 Petite: little
 Minx: a pert, saucy girl
 Svelte: slender
Demure: coy

Types of Men
 Adonis: a handsome man
 Tycoon: a powerful businessman
 Debonair: nonchalant, urbane
 Suave: smoothly pleasant, ingratiating
 Philanderer: a fickle suitor
 Lout: an awkward, rough fellow
 Wastrel: an idler or loafer
 Curmudgeon: a gruff, irritable old man
 Don Juan: a rake or seducer 
Cavalier: a courtly gentleman, gallant
 Cavalier: a courtly gentleman, gallant

Our Education system
Ø  In the old age Gurukul was teaching place but in modern age school or collages take place of Grukul.In this fast age education became compulsory. Education from school to university is avelebal. Educational facilities are avelebal to all classes of people. I think that educated men are more powerful than uneducated men. But if we see the picture of India, India will be the most illiterate country; every third illiterate in the world is in India. India has the maximum number of children out of school in the world. In India there are illiteratency seen in
Ø Andhrapradesh
Ø Madhyapradesh
Ø Rajasthan
Ø U.P.
Ø West Bengal
  In this areas more female are illiterate. But if we sees in Kerala, their people are most educated about 99% are educated.
                         India is become from small villages and in village there is no enough education facilities provide. Here many people are pouring and for this they don’t have education because they don’t have many for pay the fees. Many village students are brilliant but they don’t have money or some time lake of educational knowledge or courses. So they let their study in childhood or in younger age. And now education depended only on tution,if you have money for pay to fees of tuition so you get good mark because  in school or collages teachers never try to good teaching to student, But only some teachers who teaching good in school or collages.
                  And if you want to get master Degree and your  percentage are not well you can’t joined in the master  Degree courses but if you have money for giving donation you got easily admitiom in any Degree collages. Many Degree collages take entree’s exam and this type of exam depends on the Math’s and G.K. so many student fail to performs in the exam because  lack of  their teacher abilities.
              But my point of view Education must be compulsory because “EACH ONE TEACH ONE”. Now a day’s government also started Prodhashikshan so many people take advantages of it.
                    Through  our educacation system parents of student aspect more marks from their child and for child it is out of his or her capacity and to getting less mark or fail children undergo in  depression or committed  sucide,in some of cases our exam system is responsible for student’s death  also. I think that “LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EXAMS”. In many city we sees that many students  affected by Drugs ,wine , murderer ,for this we can say that two aspect are  play important role  one is students need for money for fulfill their educational needs and  second is depression or tension of study. Some time atmosphere of educational institute also affected students for committing crime. So it’s very dangerous for the any country or Nation or any society. Some time teacher also provokes their student to do crime because some student follows that “MY TEACHER IS MY LORD”.
                        At last we can say that some aspect of our education is good or some is bed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Views on The Old Man and the Sea.
In The  Old  Man and the Sea tells the story of Santiago, an  old fisherman who face most difficult fight of his life against the marlin, here marlin is the symbol of old man’s pride he wants to change his BAD LUCK through his skills and abilities or his knowledge of sea . In the story Santiago suffers a lot, He   face the critical condition of his life. Through this fight as a reader we find two type of conflict. One is conflict with fish and other is conflict within himself.
            1) Inner conflict
    2)  Physical conflict
                       This old man is very hopeful and that’s way he see DREAMING about the lion, it recalls  his Youth days, in his old age he also wants to do something honorable and for this reason he wants to catch Marlin not sharks. He sees lion in the evening, may be evening refers to his old age and lion is symbol of his YOUNG PRIDE   In this story we find contrast of two stages of HUMAN LIFE  ,in old man character  we find  his youthful perspective on life. He also shows great concern for the quality of his work and action. His old age is symbol of virility and intellectual knowledge.
                        From point of views   Hemingway’s Story of Santiago’s also refers to Writer himself it is also author’s way of thinking through the moral and rational problems of his life.