Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Type of Women
 Winsome: charmingly or shyly pleasing
 Virago: a sharp tongued scold
 Hoyden: a tomboy
 Prim donna: a temperamental woman
 Coquette: a flirt
 Petite: little
 Minx: a pert, saucy girl
 Svelte: slender
Demure: coy

Types of Men
 Adonis: a handsome man
 Tycoon: a powerful businessman
 Debonair: nonchalant, urbane
 Suave: smoothly pleasant, ingratiating
 Philanderer: a fickle suitor
 Lout: an awkward, rough fellow
 Wastrel: an idler or loafer
 Curmudgeon: a gruff, irritable old man
 Don Juan: a rake or seducer 
Cavalier: a courtly gentleman, gallant
 Cavalier: a courtly gentleman, gallant

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